Patra Facility Management

Engaged in the field of facility management services, Patra Facility Management (PFM) provides integrated services including the provision of HR and various other services. The scope of services offered in addition to considering the HR perspective, there are various other aspects also taken into account. Among them are processes and places in the field of organizational contexts that include the efficiency of the physical environment, aspects of technology, safety, comfort, and the safety and health conditions of workers and the work environment.

With integrated-cooperation with trusted vendors, PFM offers a number of trained human resources who capable of working in various elements, and is able to accommodate needs such as administrators of facilities and infrastructure, to asset management and maintenance, that aim to support the work of employees. Services provided include management staff, building management, cleaning services, gardeners and various supporting technicians. Equipped with complete work equipment, sophisticated machinery and high-quality chemical raw materials, PFM has served various building management needs such as office buildings, official homes and apartments, both interior and exterior.