Hospitality Training

Hospitality Training conducted for 2 days and attended by 50 Vocational School students from SMKN 6 Semarang, STIEPARI and UDINUS, comprise with the basic knowledge of hospitality science, housekeeping and table manner. Whereas waste management training attended by 50 residents from Wonotingal, Candi and Jomblang neighborhood that comprise with the process of managing trash into compost manure. Other than that, the pre-natal yoga held for 4 days and attended by 40 pregnant Mother who comes from 3 neighborhood such as Candi, Wonotingal and Jomblang.


At the opening ceremony of CSR Program in Semarang, Wednesday, 26 September 2018, I Gusti Made Juniarta explained that the training was the annual program made by PT. Patra Jasa for PT. Pertamina, which had a different theme each year, but always prioritizing useful program and what suitable for the residents around the hotel. The program ran in Patra Hotels & Resorts unit located in Bali, Semarang, Bandung, Anyer, Parapat and Palembang. The objective of this training was to show our contribution as a tourism actor in developing the high-quality tourism resource pioneer.


The pre-natal yoga is an act of care for mothers who fight for their beloved child throughout the pregnancy.

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